Women, in the U.S., are still not equal to men according to our constitution. Those of us working in healthcare are faced with many conflicting interests and decreased morale while attempting to keep the patient at the center of our work. Elizabeth inspires by questioning where we are, reminding where we come from, and fostering deep conversations. Some topics she has covered:

  • The Image of the Nurse in Popular Culture
  • Reverence for The Nurse and Why
  • Women as Pioneers and Why Our Leadership is Important
  • The Mythologies and Metaphors of Illness
  • Language of the Body in Suffering and in Pleasure
  • Archetypal and Somatic Listening

Elizabeth speaks on a wide variety of subjects, delivering in-depth presentations, combining her lived experience and her research in mythology, archetypal psychology, the nurse, the body, women, and female sexuality. As someone raised in a patriarchal environment who has been on all sides of healthcare, she has a unique perspective to share.

What topics interest you? What challenges are going on in your environment? Let Elizabeth know and she'll craft a custom presentation addressing those issues.

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